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How Many Types of Domestic Violence are There

Domestic abuse is a common thing in the world as this is something that has been experienced by almost 85% of humans. Violence is not a good act as this is what makes so many marriages/families fight and get to abuse one another. When two people come together and decide to start a family it means that they will reach a time where differences will occur. Below are a few points to get to understand types of domestic abuse in the society, keep reading.

Domestic abuse is where by the couple or family members get involved in a fight. A lot of damages will be experienced whenever domestic abuse is done. There are various types of domestic abuse that we are going to discuss and see how we are going to help the society in tackling this. Verbal abuse is one that the abuser uses evil and abusive words to threaten the victim.

This type of domestic violence is very common as most couples tend to verbally threaten one another as a way of self-defense. Another type of domestic violence is the physical abuse; this one is the worst as it involves the beatings and fighting among families. When physically abused victim is not taken care of quite faster chances of getting killed would be very high and that is a bad sign. Also there is sex abuse, this type of abuse narrates its actual act that the reader doesn’t need to find it hard to explain.

Sexual abuse is an act that member of the family has been sexually harassed and in a pathetic manner that involves sex. Sexual abuse is also common and very dangerous which drives the victim into low self esteem. We do have emotional abuse which is also very common in the society today. This type of domestic violence that is called emotional abuse is purposed to tamper with ones emotions for them to feel unwanted and unworthy. The emotional abuse can easily be suicidal if the victim is not treated or counselled at the right time.

Isolation abuse is one that the abuser keeps off the victim from any freedom and social life. With isolation abuse the abuser will make sure that the victim is locked up from their freedom away from other people. More so, this type of domestic violence is done to prevent the victim from working and doing their normal chores of which this can be very traumatizing. Control is a type of abuse that the abused is controlled by the abuser and feels helpless. In simple words, always keep the above information in mind as this can be of help in future.