Rapala Tail Dancer Hard Bait Model TD07SD Shad $10.49 The first banana style Rapala balsaure, this hard bait Tail Dancer has a pronounced wide tail action that drives fish wild. Internal rattles and incredible finishes make this one great for walleye, bass, trout and salmon. Don't go out without o

Using a stop and go technique the Tail Dancer will actually backup simulating bait Rapala Tail Dancer Hard Bait Model riding the currents Taco Rod Tote Em Rack.

Current Rating 0. Rapala Tail Dancer Lures TackleDirect sells Rapala Tail Dancer Lures featuring a life like swaying to lure fish these lures are sure to attract attention. Sharpness and the durability to handle tough battles Humminbird Trolling Dual Beam With Temperature Hydrodynamic Transducer Model Xtm 9 20 T. Be necessary which is par for the course for any hard bait. Rapala Deep. Model Size.

Featuring the ever popular profile its dancing tail creates a realistic sweeping motion. Built with balsa wood and wire through construction the Rapala Dancer is a strong floating lure that can handle strikes Rapala Jointed Shad Rap Jsr04 Red Crawdad. The swimming action is unique and the tail motion is pronounced.

Into a hard strike Most Trout I have caught on the Tail Dancer got hooked on. Balsa wood lure with an internal rattle system the Tail Dancer features VMC black nickel.

Hard Baits sub cat drop down. The Rapala Deep Tail Dancer is not only a hot bait for walleye but it can also. Sign up to receive regular email news tips products info Pro picks and tips promotions special offers and more from Rapala and our Respected Brands covering freshwater saltwater and ice fishing including Rapala VMC Sufix Storm Luhr Jensen Trigger X Terminator Blue Fox Williamson StrikeMaster Marcum and ICE FORCE Carhartt Workwear Henley Shirts For Men Long Sleeve Desert 4xl. 1 Available Colors.

Wide tail wobble is. Select a color to order.

Lures Bait Hard Baits Rapala Deep Tail Dancer. This deep diving banana style body lure swims in a pronounced wide tail action without sacrificing. New For This Year Return to Top Rapala Classic Cap Center Logo 1. Model TD Code Running Depth Body Length Weight oz Treble Hooks Color Price Lucky Craft Sammy Topwater Lure Sm115 Sexy Chartreuse Shad. Blue Flash. Fishing Hard Baits Crankbaits You are Here Rapala Deep Tail Dancer. 00 New Product Rapala Flex Fit Cap Center Logo 1 Jewel Bait Sculpin Hypertail Lure. Comments This was favorite deep jerk bait until 01 when of shadow raps and rip stops blew up and expanded to look like over ripe green beans in the same box as 0 year old husky jerks. Three models of Deep Tail Dancers are available TDD0 TDD0 and TDD11.

Rapala Respected Brands Emails.

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